BindingOfSeeds is a collection of seeds submitted by the Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth community. Users download our client which enables our servers to parse information from your rebirth dungeons. Nothing is required from the user and everything is automatically parsed. Information is updated by either stage completion or when the player dies.

This is all safe. This is not modding. You will not be banned. The only information our client has access to is the log files created by the game. This will not flag your game as modded and you may still earn unlocks and achievements.

Visit the client page for further download and setup instructions.

A passkey is created for you when you first sign on through steam. When you open the client, click on File->Config and you can enter your passkey here.

With the passkey inserted, each seed you submit will be added to your personal profile located at[PROFILE-ID] which you can share with your friends! Depending if you sign in through TwitchTV or Steam, your PROFILE-ID should be replaced with either your Twitch ID or Steam Community ID.
Appending the "/current" to the end of your profile URL on BindingOfSeeds will allow you to redirect your viewers to your most recent run!

With the passkey enabled, your seed runs, completion times, character, and stats[Coming soon!] will be recorded and accessible!

Yes, as of Client 2.0 we support Windows, OSX, and Linnux platforms.

Your run information is only sent after a certain event is triggered:

  • (i) You complete the stage and move to the next one.
  • (ii) You fail the stage and the game over screen appears
  • (iii) You beat the game
Only after one of these events are triggered will your data appear. If it still fails to appear please contact SneakyK.

A couple reasons for this,

-Is the item your looking for locked? You must unlock the item first otherwise a replacement item will be in the room.

-Is the item you found a locked item? If the item you found is locked but the item your looking for is an unlocked item then the user who submitted the seed did not have the locked item so he found the unlocked item version instead. Please complete the stage with the locked item so future users are aware.

-Is there a d6/d20/d100/dice room? Look at the warnings we provide, you should be able to tell if the item was re-rolled. All re-rolls are seeded, which means you will always receive the same items.

As you may know, There are items in Binding of Isaac that you have to earn through certain actions. These items may not be available to you until you complete certain requirments. Any item with a RED background indicates that you must have the item unlocked. Otherwise a different item will appear. GREEN backgrounds indicite items which are automatically unlocked for everyone from the start.

This is the time it takes to complete and beat Mom

Times are only recorded for registered users who have placed the passkey provided (located on your profile page) inside the config file. Also your run must defeat MOM in order for it to count.

Contact How can I contact you?

You can contact me through these links:

E-mail: TBA
Twitter: @ReSneaky
Reddit: @SneakyK