Download: >><<

Current Version: 2.3


    Required Items Make sure all prerequistes are installed correctly
  • Java JRE -> Download
  • Client 2.3 -> Download

Step One: Unzip the file "" to your desktop.

Step Two: Open "config.exe" and configure the your settings. A description of each setting is found below,

  • (Key=)Place your passkey after the "=" sign to have your runs recorded to your BindingOfSeeds Profile
  • (Path=)Configure your PATH-FOLDER to the "log.txt" file inside here (Use only if instructed to, otherwise you can leave it alone)
  • (update=)Set this option to 1, if you are a Twitch Streamer and would like to have a faster update frequencey rate.

Step Three: Run Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Step Four: Double click "client.jar" to run it, otherwise you can open command prompt and do java -jar "client.jar" to run it manually.

Step Five: At this point, the GUI should have launched and if there were no errors you should see the status of your connection, and seeds should appear inside the panel.